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MediCall Systems is proud to participate in ongoing humanitarian relief efforts in Haiti. Although there are many charitable organizations focused on assisting Haiti, we personally have found none that compare to "Hope for Haiti".

Hope for Haiti works towards improving the overall quality of life for Haitians. From clean water and healthcare to education and housing, Hope for Haiti plays a vital role in establishing a foundation that the Haitian people can build on for generations. (Not just temporary provision.)

Many people desire to reach out and help others financially but don't because of fraudulent charity scams and bureauctric organizations that send very little to the causes they claim to support.

Over 95% of the donations that Hope for Haiti receives go directly to the people of Haiti. Hope for Haiti proudly posts all financial records directly on their website, so you can rest assured that your donation goes where it is needed most.

To learn more about Hope for Haiti and how you can participate in the ongoing humanitarian relief effort click the link below:

Click Here